Welcome to Flame Urban Chicken Grill! We view ourselves as the superhero of fast food chains: still fast food, but of superior quality and caliber. We offer a selection of fresh, delicious open flame-grilled chicken served off the grill bone-in, or in a bowl or wrap and available for eating in, taking out or catering.


As a team , we understand the demand for a healthy alternative, and have worked tirelessly to ensure that our businesses not only serves the wonderful people of Cleveland by providing delicious chicken and sides—but also benefits families by educating them on the benefits of good nutrition and healthy habits.

While Flame Urban Grill is by all means fast food, it isn’t fast food. Our meals are prepared without excessive grease, unhealthy additives or other key components of standard chains. There are no deep fryers used in this restaurant, and we don’t offer customers any carbonated drinks. Instead, we pride ourselves on being a healthy alternative in a swarm of FATFOOD chains. Our chicken is hormone free, antibiotic free and natural raised bird. In other words, it’s delicious. Our ingredients are fresh, our meals are made with love.

All of our signature sauces are made from scratch each day in our beautiful, open kitchen where our customers can observe as our chefs prep, dice, chop, marinate and grill each item on our menu. As a company with wholesome values, we not only care about the personal wellbeing of our customers, but are also concerned with the planet that they live on. For this reason, we pack your favorite foods into eco-friendly packaging, and take great care to ensure that all waste we produce is recycled accordingly—and prevented when possible.

In addition to serving food, Flame Urban Chicken Grill is also dedicated to helping local families. This means that we serve high quality, affordable meals with a side of education. And while it’s not edible, its certainly valuable, as we help the local community learn more about eating healthily and the importance of remaining active. We really care about our customers, and hope that you’ll recognize the sweat and tears we put into this business.


At flame we’re People dedicated to Quality. But mostly, we’re committed to you.


Once again, on behalf of Flame Urban Chicken Grill, welcome! We look forward to becoming your new favorite fast food joint.






10330 St. Claire Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44108


M-Th 11a–9p
F-Sa 11a–10p
Su 12p–5p